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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Set To Perform At This Year’s Calabar Carnival






American female rapper Nicki Minaj is said to be among the International acts to perform at this year’s edition of the Africa’s biggest street party, Calabar Carnival. News reaching us say the “Young Money” artiste will pocket $200, 000 USD for her appearance at the event.

Calabar Carnival festival in Nigeria, was created as part of the vision of making the Cross River State in Nigeria, the number one tourist destination for Nigerians and tourist all over the world. The carnival which begin on every 1st of December and last till 31st December has boosted the cultural mosaic of Nigeria people while entertaining the millions of spectators within and outside the State, and boosting industry for all stakeholders.

The Calabar Carnival has come a long all started 2004, when the governor of Cross River State, Mr Donald Duke had a vision of making his state the hub for tourism and hospitality in Nigerian and in Africa. The Carnival presents a perfect platform from brand visibility for consumer and market awareness. Recently, Cross River State and Calabar has become the pride of Nigeria or Africa as far as tourism, carnivals and hospitality is concerned.

The event has hosted top Nigeria musicians, Nolly-wood Actors, Politicians and international artists. Over the last 4 years international artists like, the late Lucky Dube, Akon, Fat Joe,Joe, young Jeezy, Nelly, Kirk Franklin, and many more has thrilled the large crowd of Nigerians and tourist from outside the country.

Nicki Minaj speaks on walking out on summer jam with funk flex

Nicki Minaj & Funkmaster Flex Square Off

Nicki Minaj and Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex finally squared off in a heated exchange on the air following Minaj’s abrupt cancellation of her appearance at Summer Jam this weekend. Nicki pulled out her show after Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg dissed her music onstage during the concert prior to her scheduled appearance.

After Flex publicly sided with Rosenberg and vowed to ‘destroy’ Minaj’s career, she appeared on his radio show to set the record straight.

Here are some blurbs from the heated interview.

Nicki:“My fans at Summer Jam didn’t appreciate his comments, nor did my fans watching the live stream appreciate those comments. This wasn’t just about the 2000 people there. This was being live streamed to the world.”

Flex: “I get it. Maybe that wasn’t the best time to make that comment before you touch the stage. But that is what Rosenberg said and that’s his opinion.”

Nicki: “It’s not about his opinion. I have opinions about DJs about Hot 97 and Hot 97. But I would never come on your stage about your fans before. I’ve traveled all around the world and people come with 1 agenda–and that’s to have a good time. Not to have their favorite artist be ridiculed. When you invite someone to their home you treat them with respect.”

“I am not a quitter. I don’t back down from anything–including when people talk about me. Wayne gave me a valuable lesson last night about knowing their worth. After that disrespect, after a man goes on stage and disrespects me and calls my music bullsh*t and says this isn’t real hip hop–I still was going on stage. SHAME ON ME. Wayne Tweeted before he called me and said Nic, we not doing that.”

Flex: “I believe the show should have happened…Why couldn’t you go against him and touch the stage?”

Nicki: “I don’t go against the president of my label. before I had you or radio, I had Wayne. When Wayne says we as a Team ain’t going on that stage, then I’m not going on that stage. I stand behind his decision. Because as a woman, it doesn’t matter what people say about you, but when you put in work–I put in my work–those jokes shouldn’t have been said…..Why aren’t you addressing Wayne?”

Flex: “You always were independent and used to come up to the stations years ago. I’ve never known you to be a person to move under Lil Wayne. Why couldn’t we resolve this from 4p when this first started to 9p–in 5 hours? That’s the first time we’ve ever talked and Wayne over ruled you.”

Nicki: “For [Rosenberg] to single out the only female on the bill? That was some b*tch a** sh*t. If you a man, then go up there and talk about a man. If all you do is take shots at women. First of all you don’t know me.”

“I’m not saying you went at me because I was a woman, I’m saying you shouldn’t have dissed me BECAUSE I’m a woman. I’m the only female representing on the Summer Jam Stage. You don’t see the big difference?”

“Do you know where I’ve performed at? Where I used to perform 4 nights a week. I had 200 people rolling with me. There isn’t a b*tch alive who God has created on this earth who could scare me out of performing. I get money!”

Nicki Minaj – Starships new official video

click on picture for video Nicki Minaj – Starships


Nicki leaves twitter ” 11 million fans and she left everybody hanging?

Nicki Minaj Leaves Twitter

Nicki Minaj decided she’s had enough of Twitter. The Young Money superstar has reportedly deleted her account on the popular social networking site. Though her motives aren’t exactly clear, it looks the rapper–who was an avid tweeter–may have become fed up with sparring with followers.

She’d amassed over 11 million followers, but she seemed to be growing frustrated with negativity on the site and a fansite posted parts of her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloadedprematurely–which irked Minaj.

Her final tweet was direct and brief: “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f*cking bye.”

The day before she deleted her account, Nicki posted, “And that’s exactly why I’m paying the barbz DUST right now! And deleting my twitter. Smdh – don’t cry 4 me argentina.” She later added, “On 2nd thought I’ll just follow a new set of barbz. The ones I follow r very mean and ratchet.*side eyes them*”

Big Fendi helped put Nicki Minaj on the map by showcasing the former up-and-comer on his COME UP DVD series. But the two parted ways acrimoniously, and now Fendi has been vocal in his criticisms of Young Money’s First Lady. Upon learning of Nicki’s deletion of her Twitter account, Fendi didn’t miss the chance to throw some shade at Ms. Minaj.

“What you expect man? Nicki’s good at deleting. She deleted me, she deleted Debbie [Antney], she deleted Puffy and she deleted Twitter with all her fans,” Fendi said. “Twitter is the new marketing tool for a lot of situations. Your fans on Twitter, they really f*ck with you.”

” 11 million fans and she left everybody hanging?” he added. “That’s Nicki Minaj for you.”

Nicki Minaj – Beez In The Trap (Explicit) ft. 2 Chainz WOW YALL NEED TO C DIS




Nicki Minaj Isn't Concerned With Beef

Nicki Minaj stopped by the Breakfast Club and talked candidly about being seemingly the most hated on woman in hip hop. While a certain Queen Bee has found a second career in dissing the Young Money starlet, Nicki told DJ Envy she’s not losing sleep over anyone else’s issues.

“I don’t go at nobody, Envy. I don’t say anything to them,” she said. “What’s so interesting is that you guys always think I’m talking to somebody in particular. A lot of times, I’ll be talking to people y’all have no idea I’m talking to, which is interesting,” she said. “I’m good, and when I say that, I mean I’m not writing records about any girls in the game past or present, I wish you the best. And I really mean that. We went at it, the best woman won and I’m ready to move on. People make it a bigger deal than I make it.”

“I don’t worry about that stuff as much as you guys worry about it. I’m having fun,” she continued. “For my first album, I wasn’t really having fun. I was still figuring myself out as an artist, I was too busy caring about what critics thought. Now, I’m actually enjoying myself. So in terms of the girls, I said before, when a door opens for me, that means you just got another opportunity to do you. I told Charlamagne, in order for my theory to prove right, these girls have to come in the game and now get deals because of Nicki Minaj. I said this would happen. If these girls don’t like me, that’s fine. But watch your mouth.”

“I always did [pay respect,]” she says. “I bowed down to everybody. I gave everybody their props, because I really believed that you guys opened doors for me and y’all did y’all thing. But when people start going at me, I think a lot of people thought I was going to crumble when people started going at me. People don’t know how I’m built.”

Nicki Minaj Bans Safaree from Her Video Set!


Nicki Minaj is in Hawaii shooting her new video from “Starships”, and we hear she has allegedly banned her boyfriend/personal assistant/hype man/punching bag, Safaree “Scaff Beezy” Samuels,  from the set.

A source from the set apparently overheard Nicki telling her security to make sure Safaree is kept off of the video set.

“Keep him out of my presence” she was overheard saying. Nicki and Safaree who are reportedly engaged, have a very on and off type of relationship. One minute, they’re all over each other, and the next Nicki is ordering him to go kick rocks. Oh well!

Below are a few photos of Nicki on the set of “Starships”:



Nicki Minaj Passionate kiss with Lil Wayne in front of Boyfriend, Safaree see pictures

lil wayne had the  $1 million dollar headphones beats by Dre

Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend, Safaree, were together at the NBA All-Star Game last night. Nicki was there to perform, but she also sat in the stands during the game. Nicki and Safaree are a longtime couple, but is there trouble brewing? Nicki was by her man’s side for most of the night, except when she took a little detour and somehow wound up kissing Lil Wayne. Was it just a friendly peck, or something more? What’s up with Nicki and Weezy?!

Photos published by clearly show Nicki giving an “open-mouthed” kiss to Lil Wayne, with Safaree just a few feet away. It’s hard to tell from the pictures posted, but it really does look like a lusty smooch. Certainly, if Nicki and Safaree are having problems, something like this could spark a nasty fight. Usually, kissing another man prompts heated discussions between couples, right?

Are Nicki Minaj and Safaree heading for a break up? Rumors of a split began surfacing just two weeks ago, when the couple allegedly had a massive fight right before the Grammy Awards. Maybe last night’s Nicki/Weezy kiss was harmless—but maybe it wasn’t. Maybe Nicki was trying to make her man jealous. If she’s having man troubles, this isn’t the answer. At all.

MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game: Top 10

With 2011 now a recent memory, the past 12 months offered both standard procedures and surprises happenings for talking points in barbershops everywhere. In usual fashion, stalwart in popular music MTV muscled in to compile their list of the “Hottest MCs In The Game”, as their “Brain Trust” (consisting of prominent industry figures like Sway CallowayShaheem Reid and Jayson Rodriguez) made sense of the calendar year.

As seen below, it should come as no surprise whatsoever to see the familiar faces of Jay-ZLil WayneNicki MinajKanye WestDrake and Rick Ross hold fort in the upper tiers of the list. Collectively spawning some of the biggest and best singles of the past few years with “Ni**as In Paris”, “Tupac Back” and “I’m On One”, this six-headed monster doesn’t look like it will be defeated for a good few years.

Four fresh new faces grace the list this year as WaleWiz KhalifaBig Sean and Meek Mill complete the round-up – in deserving fashion, too, as a successful album release (Finally Famous), a chart-controlling hit single (“Black & Yellow”) and money making moves to the major league (Wale and Meek Mill sign with MMG) are all shared between the crop.

Catch a few of the round-table discussions below and peep the full list at the bottom.

MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game:
1. Rick Ross
2. Drake
3. Kanye West
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Lil Wayne
6. Jay-Z
7. Meek Mill
8. Big Sean
9. Wiz Khalifa
10. Wale

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