Lil Pump Attacked by a Snake ๐Ÿ on the Set of Music Video ๐ŸŽต

lil pump

Rapper Lil Pump says he โ€œcanโ€™t fโ€” w no snakes,โ€ after being attacked by a serpent on the set of a music video.

On Friday, Lil Pump, 19, shared a video from the shoot, which shows a handler passing the rapper the snake as he sits on a white staircase.

Within seconds, the snake chomps down on Lil Pumpโ€™s hand, causing the rapper to toss the reptile and run away.

At the same time, people on the set can be heard shrieking in horror.

Lil Pump then comes back into the camera saying, โ€œLook at my hand!โ€

The hip hop star sustained a pretty nasty bite and was gushing with blood.

Check the video –

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Photo –

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