Victoria’s Secret 👙 Announces Its First Plus-Size Model

Victoria’s Secret has faced a year of controversy and backlash, and the lingerie brand may be trying to find its way forward in a world that demands more than sample-size models. On October 4, the brand announced a partnership with U.K.-based lingerie brand Bluebella. It took a collaboration to get there, but for the first time in its history, Victoria’s Secret will feature a plus-size model in a lingerie campaign.

Ali Tate Cutler, a model and influencer, is the woman who landed the historic gig. “I never expected that I was going to see an image of myself on the wall next to these top supermodels that I have been looking up to since I was a little girl,” she told E!. “It feels amazing. I feel on top of the world.”

For her part, Cutler is speaking up for inclusion. “I feel like they are headed in the right direction and they are listening to their audience who have requested to see more women of diverse shapes and sizes,” she told E!. “I think if they continue to head in that direction, they will be on to a jackpot because that is reflective of what the average woman is in America.”

It’s worth noting that though Cutler is reportedly a size 14 and technically the brand’s first plus-size model, she represents a collaboration with Bluebella and not the brand’s own line.

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