700,000 Fans Attend Seahawks Super Bowl Parade

Wow that’s a sold out event

CBS Philly

SEATTLE (AP) — Amid the 700,000 fans who jammed downtown Seattle to celebrate the city’s first Super Bowl win stood Mark Formanczyk, 57-year-old man in a Seahawks jersey and a camouflage jacket, weeping in the parking lot outside the team’s stadium.

“I’m crying! I’m crying … and I love it!” he said, pulling off his sunglasses to show the tears. “I believed in Seattle years ago when I first moved here, and they finally came through. They brought this city alive!”

Bundled in blue-and-green Seahawks gear — hats, shirts, jackets, stickers and wigs — the fans packed the sidewalks and streets along a 2-mile parade route, standing shoulder to shoulder on a freezing, clear day for a community catharsis after 35 years without a major sports title.

They roared and chanted as the team rolled by on amphibious “Ride the Ducks” vehicles usually reserved for tourists. Running back Marshawn Lynch…

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