EX-KONY SOLDIER Warlord May Have CURSED Jason Russell reason he ran around naked

African warlord Joseph Kony is master of voodoo … who may have willed an evil spirit to poison the mind of Invisible Children founder Jason Russell … this according to a former member of Kony’s child army.

TMZ spoke with Richard Akena … who was captured by Kony’s forces 4 separate times when he was a child and was forced to carry out Kony’s evil bidding.

Akena tells us … most people who were captured by Kony believe he is “being controlled by a devil spirit.”

Akena says it wasn’t unusual to see Kony try to use voodoo magic in an effort to thwart his enemies in Africa … and he believes the same voodoo magic could explain Russell’s naked meltdown .

Russell’s family says the breakdown can be chalked up to “reactive psychosis” … caused by stress and lack of sleep.

Still, Akena tells us he;s convinced otherwise … “This was Kony’s doing.”

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