Tulisa and Dappy Twitter war over N-Dubz split

TULISA stunned fans with an angry exchange of tweets fired at N-Dubz bandmate and cousin Dappy last night.

The row started when Dappy — who formed the band with the X Factor judge in 2000 — retweeted messages from fans encouraging Tulisa to reach out to him.

The feisty 23-year-old bit back with a string of tweets, accusing Dappy of lying to fans and confirming the band have split.

The band have been on a break since early last year, when Dappy took time out to work on solo material.

The future looked bleak for the hip hop trio when Tulisa ended her romance with bandmate Fazer in January.


Tulisa in her other job, as a judge on X Factor

Rising star … Tulisa in her other job, as an X Factor judge

Accusing Dappy of misleading his followers, she wrote: “@TheDappy u know my number mate..I dont know urs cus u aint gave it 2 me since u changed it… so dont gass the fans, u wana talk Im here.”


“@TheDappy serious man I hold it down, dont make me start talkin real cus u won’t like it nor will the fans, allow twitter,man up n call me.

“4 the ndubletts triena take sides… pls remember… dappy left ndubz, that’s y we split, n wen he wanted 2 get away I tried 2 move him… In2 my yard.”

Dappy recently spoke out about the pair’s faltering relationship, telling reporters it “upset him”, but Tulisa claims he’s made no attempt to contact her.


Dappy poses in his solo video

Going solo … Dappy has moved on from the band and is forging a solo career

She tweeted: “He left n got a new num n I aint heard from him since, he aint called or made contact, just tlks 2 the press about me. Sayin he misses me but where the hells my call, I don’t even have his num! had 2 txt me dad 2 pass a message 2 him n got no reply.”


There’s still a glimmer of hope for fans desperate to hear more from N-Dubz. Tulisa ended her Twitter rant with a plea to Dappy to call her, before scolding herself for carrying out the battle in the full view of fans.

She tweeted: “So pls don’t let @TheDappy gass u up cus he knows what it is… I will kill 4 him n he knows it… but ask him the last time he tried 2 call me.”

Followed by: “@TheDappy dont reply 2 me by tweet, pick ya balls up n call me, I got a new place, cum stay, but dont b an ass on twitter… wen u know the deal.

“F this,cant believe I stooped so low as 2 have a private debate on twitter, but I aint havin no1 turn ndubletts against me over b*llocks. Said my piece on dis s**t n not doin it again… believe what u want after that but don’t judge me on lies… sum1s gone below the belt 2nit.”

Dappy, meanwhile, has plenty on his plate. The rapper kicks off a monster solo UK tour in September.

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