NY State Senator Wants Sagging Pants Banned In Schools

New York State Senator Eric Adams (D-Queens) wants to ban sagging pants in New York public schools. In a New York Posteditorial, Adams points out that sagging pants are not only a bad look, but leaves youth who partake in the trend ill prepared for the future.

“When you walk through the halls of our schools, you see children showing their behind, the cracks of their behind, their underwear, young girls showing their G-strings,” wrote Adams. “And the institution that’s supposed to be responsible for developing well-rounded young people is not stopping it.”

Adams, who noticed kids sagging when he was overseas, is lobbying NY Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott to ban the practice. Walcott is reportedly looking into the legality of such a measure. According to Adams, too many kids are not getting the proper guidance at home thanks to parents who sag themselves [sigh]. So some more intervention is needed.

The communities I represent are ground zero for sagging. Some people may think, What’s the big deal? But it’s more than someone not wearing a belt on their pants. It is symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency. People shouldn’t be displaying their pubic hairs. That is not normal, acceptable behavior in young people that we are grooming to be in a professional environment. You can’t dress the same on the corner as you can in corporate America — you’ll be unemployed.

Adams, who grew up in South Jamaica, Queens and is a former cop, has a point. And at least he didn’t blame rappers.

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