The picture above dépicts a girl who was unclothéd for stealing a blackberry phone and made to patrol around her environment with nothing on……

This girl was was séxually assaultéd and beaten to coma.

Just imagine what this men are doing to this girl just because she stole a blackberry phone.

This girl was assaulted and given the said blackberry phone she stole.

This is yet another girls who were caught stealing blackberry phone.These students saw some rich guys drinking, and the summon courage to go meet them, the guys are already drunk, so this brave Nigerian girls pretend to know this guys, they start kissing and they don’t know these guys and the guys all have ,the girls took it and were about to take their leave, when the bar attendant notice some tricky movements.

Please whenever such things happen again,take them to the nearest police station and stop all these assaults,its offensive and criminal,more so rapé!!!