PICTURE: Mo Cheddah Posted Nude Picture Of Herself To Eldee but Surfaced to Fans

At the very early hours of this morning, Eldee apparently asked Mo Chedda to send him a nude picture of her self, he also added “If people here with us see it, just say one of the guys also in the hotel posted it to you. maybe a chic they came back with took it or somn”

Mo Cheddah then tweeted the nude picture which mistakenly went as a public message instead of a Direct Message.

Nonetheless, she was quick to delete the picture and immediately tweeted

“Pls oh never beliv wat u see sum1 jis sent me dat pic!!!! … Dat aint me oh I beg!!!!!”

“Pls tweeps my acct has been hacked.. Disregard my tweets, I’m working on securing my acct. And oof cos THAT is not me!”

Eldee also tweeted:

I didnt post that tweet, someone is playing games tonight and that its not funny at all … why would anyone try to ruin a hard worker’s career by doing stuff like this? Its really sad that we’ve come down to this level.

Unfortunately for them a number of twitter users saw the tweet and also saved the picture. Is this really Mo Cheddah’s picture? Is she having an affair with Eldee, a married man with kids?

This is serious..abeg people access this pics,if its her or not and was it immediately the picture surfaced that she was quick to recover her hacked account…..hmmm????….this questions need answers…