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Becca and Tuface Playing Bad Girl Bad Man

Here are Ghana’s beautiful African Queen Becca and Mr. African Queen himself Naija boyTuface. Don’t they make a nice pair? At

Becca and Tuface Playing Bad Girl Bad Man

least for the making of the video for the song “bad man bad girl.” The song is included in Becca’s upcoming album titled “naked I came” and features Tuface. The video was shot in Ghana and was directed by Precision Media. So, are tuface and Becca trying to be bad? Well if this is what being bad looks like, then it must be very good to be bad! Just look at these hot pictures of the video shoot.


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128 Responses to “LATEST NEWS ON 2FACE IDIBIA !!! HERE @2faceidibia”
  1. oluwole says:

    Baba u too much.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. hillz says:

    baba..i believe u die!!keep the flag flyin

  4. PRISSY says:


  5. Adesoye Adekunle says:

    Tubaba,i so much cherish you so much that everybodies in my environment knows that I LOVE HIM………..KEEP MOVING GOD IS THERE FOR YOU.LOVE YOU.

    • kiki says:

      tu baba i thank god for ur success and pls avoid anything dat will put u into trouble enemies are all over in the industry waiting for ur down fall,pray god to guide and be with u in jesus name amen.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. richard says:

    see this guy that they called tuface is more than a legend in the whole africa they should just give him all the respect thats all

  8. Amanisule says:

    2face u r d best.It started yrs back at imt enugu.Kip it up tru it up tru baba.

  9. Olaleye olayinka says:

    U are makng sense baba.

  10. jay says:

    u’r d best in d world as far as am concern.

  11. Henry says:

    Tu baba, you are the power of AFRICA and the best OF AFRICANS….you too much baba.

  12. Squlfaiz says:

    2baba you too much jooooooooo
    Keep it real broda you are fulfillin destiny…..respect menthol

  13. Baggy says:


  14. Baggy says:


  15. 2face is the best, and there is no doubt about that. Keep the flag flying. Love you

  16. Jessy I.Yusuf Alphonse says:

    2baba, the Africa legend. U deserve it even more than that. Who GOD bless no one can say no. Sky is ur limit.


    better pikin

  18. i luv u my man says:

    keep up man

  19. Anonymous says:

    tubaba ….no one

  20. Anonymous says:

    you are 2 much

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nfana ibaga o never give another man yawa o so d reason why i say nfana ibaga o who GOD has bless no man curses bless no man curse

  22. Olusegun ogunbanjo says:

    2baba, joooooo ponpo lenu e keep on moving, noting day hapen.

  23. lilwiser says:

    omo the name na lilwiser,,,am a great fan of 2baba….since the age of 12…and now am 25 still love him…y all watch should watch my videos on youtube..lilwiser,,,,,,,,,cross da line and one in a million…fire on my roof….and benin boy…all thanks to 2baba…omo one day we will meet and write a song together…live in italy but very soon will be coming back home…to niger……………………..

  24. olachi says:

    guy you did make us proud,we dey ur sied

  25. Anonymous says:

    tu baba u’re one in a million, Owoicho ko’yo kwo.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I dey feel u big tym.u r d best tin 2 av cme out of africa.kip 9ja flag flyin man u r 2much.olenu b kettle.flex jooooh.

  27. courage oshionwu. says:

    d livin LEGEND. All hail 2baba. E nor easy.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I dey feel u big tym.u r d best tin 2 av cme out of africa.kip 9ja flag flyin man u r 2much.olenu b kettle.flex jooooh..flex jooooh.

  29. Belamy says:

    Tubaba,i know dis award is yours,u pass them.i love u baba

  30. Anonymous says:

    infact, 2baba you ar more than what pple say !!.

  31. Tuface is the best in Africa

  32. Anonymous says:

    D one God has blessed, no one can curse. 9ja is proud of u.

  33. Anonymous says:

    you are the legend dear keep it up

  34. Like an eagle keep soaring 4 greatness.

  35. Anonymous says:

    love u die

  36. regioge says:

    tu tu tu baba……..the igodomingodo of 9ja music.

  37. Joey Zaza says:

    Very simple & authentic! Ride on ..zoom,zoom,zoooooom…

  38. Anonymous says:

    Love you 2BABA u r the best in Naija

  39. seyi says:

    2face 2face 2face…….dnt realy no wot to say but baba u ar an icon in nigeria musik industry. u ar to much. i wich i cul com closer to u or get ur no so dat i cn b tlkin to u. am hopin dt one day i wil direct one of ur vedio. u remin my no 1.

  40. Anonymous says:

    one love my brother.

  41. valentine ehis says:

    ur efficiency cant b measured.u too tight.kip d flag flyin.

  42. Collins says:

    Baba u bi gift 4 our generasion

  43. MUCH LOVE says:

    I dodorama 4 u mu broda wish u all the best man

  44. Anonymous says:

    da finest nd most talented musician in Africa!!!

  45. Marde says:

    Pooko Poko POOKOOO 2BABA OSHEY…you are 100 much Baba Nla…all your Enemies beefing becos you dey make all the awards ko ni da fu won,you never collect anything Just wait small More they come….i dey Dream Grammy for you man…no shaking

  46. Anonymous says:

    baba u 2 gbaski. U always remain my best man. Ur music always d make me gingin.

  47. Anonymous says:

    na god gilf. 2baba still have what to say

  48. Linda nwosu says:

    Always luved u right from ur group. You are indeed a favoured child.keep on

  49. prince oz says:

    tu baba u are all thing in me, cus, all ur muzic make me cried away as from that of forgive and forget. go ahead 2baba, i love it, i fans U.

  50. linda says:

    love ya

  51. Anonymous says:

    they hv said it all

  52. BOSS says:

    thv said it all

  53. Anonymous says:

    2uuuu Face!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Short of words. I wish am U.

  55. Anonymous says:

    u 2muiuuuuch

  56. Anonymous says:

    Tubaba. If to say na just me i’ll be living like i don’t care….. Thumbs up to u my guy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. susan says:

    2face idibia,i jst can’t stop luvn u! Ure da bomb!

  58. daprince says:

    legeng 2baba even devil sef know say u be baba,nothing do u na spoil u spoil u the steel,u go dey naija top chat for yanky,no be all dis one,no by who go yanky go sing na by who sabi n god bless weller.

  59. george says:

    2 baba pls take am easy,women are complicated ooooo

  60. courage oshionwu. says:

    nice one there with Becca on ”bad boy bad girl”. But hope we r not expecting any baby soon from that Ghanian cos ”e be like say them wan to do another decievin again” lol.

  61. mickey says:

    2baba much respect bro…………………..u deserve d best.

  62. iweta efe. says:

    respect 2ma senior broda u 2much.make u dey carry dey go edumare don bless luv.

  63. Anonymous says:

    2baba, nice one. U better finish wat u’ve started. Big up Tubaba big up Africa.

  64. Banke Olaleye says:

    Hmmmmmm Tu-FaCe is everything good as far as am concerned. Am not surprise you clinch all this awards, you deserve them all and much more. I love you completely for who you are, your talent, nature, Style, HUMILITY, and the fact that you never allowed fame steal YOU from YOU. I don’t need to see you to confirm its you in a video,I can recognise your voice anytime it filters near me. I wish you the best always in everything you venture into And all you are doing now, bizz, family and all……………much much love.

  65. Joe obiora says:

    Infact 2baba u re one of the (ORIGINAL NIJA PIKIN)

  66. 2face is d latest guy in town suitable 4 every woman. I juz wish 2 b celebrety like u. Irene

  67. Sam says:

    tu baba, i hammer 2 gbosa! gbosa! for u o.

  68. Anonymous says:

    2 baba i see you

  69. courage says:

    I love dis guy called is doing he is doing nigeria proud no body can test him dey should nt kill him for us abeg

  70. Anonymous says:

    Ure da bomb!

  71. Adenola tunde john says:


  72. Anonymous says:

    only 2face can be d best

  73. Senator Ihedi says:

    2 baba u r jst 2 much, who wan try u, nobody.. U r on top. Cherz men. I luv You.

  74. Anonymous says:

    2 baby u are mouthed

  75. Majestique says:

    Tubaba ,Dakeda keda

  76. Anonymous says:

    Tu baba, u be strong man.

  77. SUNNY PAUL says:

    2baba i dey fill u jo,keep it on,one love mehh….

  78. Anonymous says:

    na u b d best 4 9ja notin wey dem wan sing

  79. charlie says:

    Tuale baba…u mouthed..

  80. 2baba u 2much Jooooooo, Who GOD bless no one can say no. Sky is ur limit. Nothing dey happen.

  81. Anonymous says:

    baba u pass

  82. Anonymous says:

    a very bad sharp guy

  83. Anonymous says:

    2baba na you b d tru correct original 9ja african oga, abeg chop noku

  84. Christopher Sunday says:

    Tuface you are going higher and higher. but you must try and work on your relationship with people especially ladies. I mean you should try and settle down now.

  85. adelakun adeola wasiu says:

    tubaba u are d best in africa. u are 2 much joo

  86. Anonymous says:

    i hail oh 2Baba notin do u ma niggar.

  87. Emmanuel Ebis Emadomi says:

    Mr 2face nobody pass u,i want 2 be like u wen i grow up loveee

  88. Anonymous says:

    u are a legend on our day’s trupapa

  89. ogunyinka olatunde says:

    i beg let somebody tel if tubaba involve in car accident in london.

  90. Jonathan says:

    2face my no. 1 artist. You just too much and i know you will always be my no. 1

  91. Reemy otonoh says:

    2! U r blessed in all ur endeavours….long live 2baba, long live 9ja…Reemy says so!

  92. Anonymous says:

    Wht more can I say. Meetin u still remain one of my prayer point. U r a gift 2 dis nation (Nigeria).

  93. Festpeter technologies says:

    TuBaba deye here! Africa Baba, We gbadu u o timba jooooo

  94. Ifeanyi says:

    Tubaba, i love your style. carry on .

  95. emmanuel ozobuiwe ogbuefi says:

    tupapa make u no ves say i no cal u tubaba becouse ur level don pass dat 1. Papa i dey fill reach morrow

  96. Abah Ikwue says:

    My man 2baba z d best worldwide no need leaving nija go any; u started frm here and conquered d world; remain d ambassador and legend u are here in africa

  97. ujah idibia,you are the BEST.i cherish and admire you alot.people around me do ask me why i love you so much ‘cos it’s obvious to them that i love…just keep it going…no shaking…nasoo!!!

  98. Don jonat says:

    tubaba,na you again? You 2much.

  99. Confidence says:

    I luv 2face he is the greatest in african celebrities which to meet him and to fiture him in my song

  100. david godson says:

    My brother from another mother, your the best. I pray God will continue backing you up…..Big up man

  101. demola says:

    the living legend you too much…you are unstopable

  102. t pounds says:

    eyi no nice….2baba wed becca

  103. Blessing says:

    I always luv to hear u sing cus ur music too make sense nd dey always carry a msg pls keep d fire burning cus I personally luv u like a broda.

  104. lil says:

    Tubaba to hot

  105. dlaw godwin says:

    tubaba god don bless u no can curse u. u remain number one in naija. carry go no shaking

  106. Innocent ujor odey says:

    am ur bros from another parent. 08076068073/08099585473.lets talk plz.

  107. ilako vincent adefarati says:

    CONGRAT TUBABA U are truely African without disparity U 222 much

  108. omotayo says:

    we love so much

  109. omotayo says:

    i 2 lyk ur music

  110. ufort says:

  111. Wud up 2 baba ur nw album is wow! So intrestin keep it up one love ya

  112. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i
    came to “return the favor”.I am trying to find
    things to improve my website!I suppose its ok to use
    a few of your ideas!!

  113. norbik says:

    Tubaba u re 2 much,i luv ur new album it just parfact i luv it.norb ik.

  114. ufort.lnyang says:

  115. Akpasu A. VICTOR says:

    Twelle 4 u 2-2-2-2- Baba,c me as ur broda! Ntn dy happen. One luv

  116. innocent ujor odey says:

    am dying to see you do a song with bongos ikwen & myself as namesake. pls. innocent ujor, tnx o, 2baba.

  117. Dimawoh o Desmond says:

    am up coming bt no sponsor pls i beg u in d name of God i need u mine name stage is prinzo. My phone nos 08149723782

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